Sen Muthiya

Sen Muthiya

Yoga Educator

Proud Graduate of the Raffa Yoga Teacher Training Program


I have been practicing yoga for 2 years and have been teaching for 1. I have completed 200 hours in Yoga Teacher Training from Christine here at Raffa. My preferred styles of practice and teaching are Transformation Meditation & Essence of Patanjali Yoga Sutra,  Yoga Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Yoga at The Ashram, Chakra Meditation by Vedathiri, Maharishi from India, Inner Engineering & Meditation from Isha Yoga Foundation, and India Meditation from Sri Sri Ravi Sankar’s Art of Living, India. My favorite quote is: “And NOW with the greatest love and respect, the blessings of Yoga instruction are offered” – Patanjali. I love being able to offer the ancient wisdom of yoga & meditation to the community of Raffa Yoga.