Grace Dulude

Grace Dulude

Yoga Educator

Proud Graduate of the Raffa Yoga Teacher Training Program


I have been practicing yoga for 5 and ½ years and teaching for 2 and ½ years. I am certified in 200 RYT and I prefer the yoga style Vinyasa – slow or fast, candlelit or not. My favorite quote is: “Someone once told me that people will do anything for love & I had a hard time believing that because there is Love everywhere. In the sunlight & air & trees & rocks. In the way words attach themselves to the things we do & see. In the heartbeat (beat beat beat) of the world. They told me that didn’t count. Love only counts if you get it from other people, they said. I looked around & all I could see were people wanting love, but not wanting to give it away because someone might say Go away. Take your Love & go someplace where people actually want it (which is silly, because that’s everywhere). It still makes me wonder if the only reason people will do anything for Love is because they think there’s only a little bit of it & not the whole world.” -Brian Andreas. Here at Raffa, I love that students trust me to create an experience for them. I do not take the responsibility lightly.