Marisa Salvadore

Marisa Salvadore

Yoga Educator
I began my journey on my Yoga Mat in search of healing and recovery from years of competitive tennis and long hours on the courts as a Teaching Pro. I found much more than relief from chronic back pain. I discovered more restful sleep; brighter moods; increased awareness; improved strength, flexibility and balance; more energy and alertness; a path to greater health; a deeper connection to my spiritual knowing; and a supportive community of friends. And that is just the beginning.

I sought official certification and studied under Christine Raffa in a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Training. It was a great match for my goal to bring joy and well being to people through the challenges of lifetime sports. In my yoga classes I give all that my personal yoga practice has given to me.

I love to teach Power classes to challenge your strength and balance, while inspiring you to push your body to sweat and rinse out its toxins. As challenging as it is, we finish leaving you centered and grounded and ready to take on the world.

I love to teach Kundalini, where we move the energy in your body to unlock your greatest potential. We’ll work the breath, the ancient kriyas to move the energy through your chakras, the meditations and chanted mantras, the unbridled singing and the amazing gong bath. It’s so much fun and the benefits gained from practicing Kundalini are truly profound.

I love to teach Yin. The long passive holds and gravity create openings to nourish the deep connective tissues of the joints and fascia that often get overlooked by our more dominant muscle groups. In Yin, we learn to let go.

In each discipline, we’ll work the mind, body and spirit. It is a beautiful journey and a return to your untethered self. Whether you are active and fit or stiff and achy; whether you’ve never taken a conscious breath or you’re an enlightened meditator; whether you are a young buck or a wise older soul; in my classes I seek to illuminate a path for you to reach your highest self.

Yoga has been such a gift to me, and I am most grateful and honored to share it with you.