Giving Back to Our Fabulous Community

Good Fortune

Our hope is that people who visit All things Raffa will resonate with the community we have created and be inspired to give back, cultivate deep relationships, heal themselves mentally, physically and spiritually in harmony with Mother Earth. We do not take our good fortune for granted, we appreciate the Raffa community in which we live and feel so grateful to have this beautiful space in Cranston.

From the Very Beginning

Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat was founded with an intention to heal, relax, detoxify create community and give back. Compassion and service in action is the focal point of everything we do at Raffa Yoga and Urban Sweat. Christine Raffa Founder -Raffa yoga Urban Sweat and Raffa Real Food ultimately, yoga is a practice of self-inquiry. It teaches us to look inwards and question the values that we hold deep in our hearts and minds.It asks the question who am I and what is my life purpose? For people on this path of self-discovery Raffa Yoga fulfills and facilitates that journey through yoga, movement, meditation, detox, various Therapeutic wellness treatments and healthy real food.

Supporting Businesses

    • Teen Challenge of Rhode Island
    • IHS Integrative Health Services
    • Rhode Island Food Bank
    • Big Brother Big Sister of Rhode Island
    • Cranston Animal Shelter

The hope is, this list will continue to grow over time. We feel called to give back to our local community and to the world as a whole.

A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful FORCE.Mahatma Gandhi

Integrative Healthcare Solutions

The mission of Integrative Healthcare Solutions is to make non-opioid treatment options the new standard of care in pain management. By partnering with medical providers to accelerate the integration of complementary medical techniques and lifestyle changes into our healthcare system, we can break the cycle of the addiction healthcare crisis and end needless suffering. IHS serves as the integrative healthcare liaison for physicians, patients, healthcare organizations and our wellness community. We provide the needed education, access, support, and inspiration that gives providers and patients the confidence to choose and maintain a preventative approach to medicine and life that results in greater well-being and socioeconomic impact in our communities.

Please read more about her 501c and story here.

Meet Catherine DeOrsey

Meet Catherine DeOrsey, the Founder and CEO of Integrative Healthcare Solutions.

She has worked in healthcare for her entire professional life. She has science background with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and is a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For the last 20 years, Catherine successfully worked on the inside of the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and as a result, have many friends who are physicians.