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About Raffa Life

Health care today, for the most part, is incomplete.

The system is set up to treat symptoms but seldom the underlying causation of physical, mental, emotional pain and dysfunction. Hands-on healing modalities have been used for thousands of years to bring relief and treatment to people in pain. These low-tech, low-cost treatments have brought comfort, healing and loving kindness to generations of people who have used them.

The Raffa Urban Sweat experience is designed as an opportunity to revisit that wisdom, reflect on what we are prioritizing in our lives and how we are living, as a way to bring us back to being whole in body, mind and soul. Nobody is going to do it for you. You must take the courageous step to develop awareness and make the hard choices which encourages change in a positive direction.

Time is our greatest asset. No one knows for sure how much time we have in this life; our time is money.  Society has moved towards high-tech, invasive and pharmaceutical-based attempts to solutions for our body’s imbalances, illnesses and dis-ease. I strongly believe we need to take a deep breath and observe the way we are living our lives, the food we eat, the thoughts we think, the amount of exercise or lack thereof all contribute to the stresses we endure and the connection to the experience of our daily lives. Only when we are in true balance-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically-will we return to the true essence of ourselves.

A human being not a human doing.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.  Slow down, take a breath and observe the way you feel, the way you are living and the way you are showing up for yourself, your family and the community. The way you show up for one thing is the way you show up for everything.

Pain is not a way of life but a wake-up call to the urgency to live in-balance and fully in the present moment.

-Christine Raffa

Award Winning

Raffa is an award winning, one of a kind experience that opened to the New England community in May of 2000.

Forever Evolving

We have evolved into so much more than we ever imagined. Continually providing ways for our members to regenerate, heal, nurture and live a healthy life full of joy, wellness, and active relaxation.

Multi-Service Facility

Offering everything from yoga, to Urban Sweat and therapeutics, to Raffa Real Food, we have it all. Our facility is dedicated to achieving all over wellness for the mind, body, and soul.


We have 4,000+ 5-Star Reviews online from Mind Body Community, Frederick, Google, and Facebook combined.
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Raffa Life Team

We have the most dedicated team you will find anywhere. They know your time is precious and are honored you are taking time out of your day to spend it with them. So be assured every teacher will give you their all, every class. We invite you to take a moment to meet our team.